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Joseph Mayo invited to speak about reputation risk at EuroCACS/CSX 2020 in Helsinki Finland, October 28-30

Can Your Reputation Survive the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR)?

Joseph Mayo achieves major career milestone by securing RIMS-CRMP certification.

Joseph Mayo is the first person to be credentialed by 3 international risk management credentialling bodies; PMI,ISACA, and RIMS.

Joseph Mayo is the keynote speaker for ISACA Lisbon's 2020 Annual Conference!

Joseph Mayo interviewed at RIMS 2018 Annual Conference

Joseph Mayo speaking at the EuroCACS/CSX 2019 Annual Conference about NextGen Risk Management.

New writing project - Bimodal Risk Management

Checkout my Blog for progress updates.

Learn about risk hurricanes as a leading indicator or impending risk management failures.









J.W. Mayo Consulting, LLC

Renowned author, speaker, award winning project manager, and internationally recognized risk management expert Joseph W. Mayo is the President of J.W. Mayo Consulting Services. Mr. Mayo is the principle of J.W. Mayo Consulting, LLC (JWMC). Mr. Mayo is a seasoned IT professional with more than 28 years of experience in the IT industry. Mr. Mayo is a Project Management Institute (PMI) certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Risk Management Professional (RMP). Mr. Mayo is also Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA). As an author and active industry volunteer, Mr. Mayo strives to further global project management and risk management practices for the benefit of all.

About the JWMC

Over the years I found that people and books tend to overcomplicate a variety of risk management and project management topics. To counter this trend, I like to breakdown risk management and project management topics to their fundamental elements. Once these fundamental elements are individually understood the entire topic becomes easily understandable. While conducting research for my book Chaos to Clarity – The Tao of Risk Management I noticed a number of similarities between the fundamental elements of risk management and the eight principles of Taoism (pronounced Dow . ism). Taoism is a lifestyle that originated in China around the 6th Century BCE. Taoism is based on eight principles; simplicity, sensitivity, flexibility, independence, focused, cultivated, disciplined, and joyous. Chaos to Clarity – The Tao of Risk Management presents a simplified, effective approach to risk management and describes the relationship between effective risk management and the eight principles of Taoism. While researching case studies for Chaos to Clarity a nagging question formed in the back of my mind. That question was, "Why do we keep making the same mistake over and over again?" This nagging question gave birth to my second book, Cultural Calamity - Culture Driven Risk Management Disasters and How to Avoid Them. Cultural Calamity delves into the organizational culture to understand how culture affects an organization's risk management capability. Cultural Calamity explores a number of risk management disasters and over 200 years of risk management research. My second risk management book seeks to provide risk practitioners with the tools to identify cultural traits that can lead to disaster and offers ways to enhance risk management practices that can help prevent future risk management disasters.

About the Logo

After publishing my first book,Chaos to Clarity, I stumbled upon an article that described the ancient rune Jera (pronounced Year . Ra). The runic alphabet emerged sometime between the 1st century BCE and the 2nd century. The runic alphabet known as Elder Futhark consists of 24 runes one of which is Jera. I noticed an interesting relationship between the description of Jera and two Taoism principles; focused and disciplined. Jera is known as the Rune of Success and is associated with the annual harvest. The harvest, like risk management, requires diligence, planning, and hard work. In ancient times a good harvest meant an easy winter with plenty of food whereas a bad harvest set the stage for a difficult winter including possible starvation. Similarly, effective risk management averts disaster and makes difficult market conditions easy to traverse and poorly executed risk management can lead to disaster. Characteristics of Jera include rewards for past efforts, fruition of plans, achievement of a goal, time to work with no time for complacency, and good spirits. The similarity between the Jera characteristics and my personal philosophy makes Jera an excellent foundation for the JWMC logo. The JWMC logo is based loosely on the Jera rune and represents much of what I stand; set a goal, build a plan, diligently drive the plan to completion, don’t be complacent, and do it with a smile.



Career highlights include:

Program Manager for Project #7 of InfoWorld's Top 100 IT Projects of 2006

Creator of the Risk Hurricane

Author of Cultural Calamity: Culture Driven Risk Management Disasters and How to Avoid Them

Author of Chaos to Clarity: The Tao of Risk Management

Reduced the cost of creating IV&V plans by 89% resulting in a cost savings $577K

Reduced the cost to conduct physical configuration audits (PCA) by 69% saving a total of $5 million.

Developed a risk management maturity roadmap for U.S. Government Agency

Developed an Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) program for a U.S. Government agency that was recognized by the Government Accounting Office (GAO) as a model for large complex Government programs

Eliminated $150K budget deficit within 5 months by right-sizing PMO staff, realigning staff, and re-negotiating subcontracts

Enhanced reliability and reduced service cost 40% by negotiating a service level agreement (SLA) and acquiring a new service provider

Achieved 6:1 ROI in 12 months by utilizing Rational Unified Process (RUP) and Evolutionary Process for Integrating COTS (EPIC) to improve Air Force supply chain efficiency.

Risk Scenario Syntax


Chief Technology Officer

"Joe and I have worked together on many opportunities, he has an incredible ability to understand the problems that clients have and find solutions. His solutions could be a technology, bringing the right subject matter expert, or just finding a different process that cuts through the red tape to get things done. Joe is an exceptional manager and not only builds loyalty within the organization but consistently brings out the best in the people that work for him."

Program Executive

"Joe is highly capable and seasoned professional in the areas of program/project management, risk management and quality. As a project manager of large engagements, Joe set the standard for execution, compliance with commitments and solving challenges for clients. Joe significantly increased the effectiveness of Keane Federal Systems by contributing to many facets of the operations including direct project management, project quality and oversight, business development and program support. His role required him to manage the myriad of management challenges often times addressing multiple, complex issues at one time. Joe's high quality deliverables/products, sharp analytical skills, project management expertise and personal commitment have had a significant and measurable impact. He sets a high standard for professionalism, performance, and quality of service in all his endeavors."

Director, Business Process Outsourcing

"I highly recommend Joe for his ability to quickly assess problems and implement well designed, permanent solutions. His greatest strengths are his communication skills at all levels of an organization and his structured, but pragmatic approach to managing projects. On his own time, Joe implemented several programs to develop PMs including programs to help PMs do a better job of estimating effort and managing change for fixed-price projects. Joe is a world-class PM; I would work with Joe again anytime."

President, Xceed Associates

"Joe is a seasoned Information Technology Program Manager and has developed expert skills in all phases of project/program execution. Joe also has the communication necessary to effectively keep all stakeholders (junior and senior) informed so they are equipped to make key tactical and strategic decisions. Joe's work ethic and attention to detail make him a valuable leader of any team.”


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What industry professionals are saying about Cultural Calamity:

Building on concepts outlined in his first book, “Chaos to Clarity – The Tao of Risk Management”, Joseph Mayo clarifies the application of a few relatively simple concepts and principles to real world situations, some of which fundamentally changed the business world in which we live. His analysis of some infamous calamities such as the Challenger Disaster and the BP Oil Spill and several others show how basic and easily correctable flaws in an underlying organizational culture made these debacles all but inevitable. Cultural Calamity is a very skillful presentation of an elegantly simple but robust framework that can be applied across a surprisingly broad range of corporate and government environments to prevent the types of costly disasters which are discussed.— Bret M., Associate Director, Environmental Health and Safety, North Dakota State University

“Cultural Calamity is an accessible yet very solid treatment of the relationships between risk and organisational culture. Focusing too often on the risks which exist outside the organisation we sometimes neglect to acknowledge those which lie within. Drawing on his many years of experience and a wealth of internationally sourced data, the author presents some very thought provoking real-world illustrations of risk not being managed in a cultural context. He then goes on to give some very good advice and guidance in the field. This is an excellent addition to the discourse, it is a very worthwhile read and one that I can heartily recommend.” — Feargal O’Neill, Vice President

Purchase the Hardcover Edition or Paperback Now!
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Tired of complex, convoluted books on risk management?

Chaos to Clarity: The Tao of Risk Management by risk management expert Joseph W. Mayo is a brilliant and practical guide that distills risk management down to the essential few elements needed to achieve risk management success.Written for practitioners of all skill and experience levels, this revolutionary book demystifies the risk process and offers a realistic and quickly-adaptable approach to risk management that really works. Packed with tips and hints for real-world application, every reader will find this book to be extremely effective and rewarding for themselves, their team, or organizations.

Praise for Chaos to Clarity:

"Where simplicity co-mingles with concepts so complex as to defy explanation… Joseph skillfully uses hypothetical and real-world scenarios to gel these concepts and shows how easily they can be implemented to manage risk."

“Joseph manages to distill an exceedingly complex discipline down to its essences… [Chaos to Clarity] can only come from someone with vast experience and considerable time ‘in the trenches.’” - Bret M., Instrumentation Specialist, Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering, North Dakota State University

"[Chaos to Clarity] offers the quintessential risk management framework that kindly dovetails into most others, including PMBOK, and CMMI."

"[Chaos to Clarity] has certainly provided a robust foundation for [my risk management practice]." - Saul D. Rosenberg, PMP

"Chaos to Clarity not only emphasizes the need for risk management in a compelling, evangelistic manner, it also lays out a PMI based structured process for its implementation.” – Steve Edwards, CEO, Edwards Project Solutions