Chaos to Clarity - Book Review

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My review of "Chaos to Clarity"

I enjoyed reading Mr. Mayo's discussion of risk both how to recognize and identify it as well as the process of managing it through the project life cycle. His treatment of the risk management process is both comprehensive and easy to understand.

Too many organizations today pay lip service to the subject of managing risk and as a result their projects fail to support their intended mission, overrun costs and incur schedule delays. This is especially true in IT development projects that support  mission critical functions in both the private and public sectors.

This book provides a refreshing, easy to understand, process that incorporates Mr. Mayo's knowledge of existing standards and guidelines and his years of practical experience to provide insight into which processes and best practices associated with the management of risk. I enjoyed reading not only his opinions and conclusions as to how to implement the various stages of managing risk, but also the rationale he used to select the right approach from the plethora of techniques outlined in the various standards.

In particular, I felt that the third part articulating examples and case studies was most interesting  to me because it provided real world examples of how to effectively implement the techniques and best practices identified in Part II.

Once you start reading " Chaos to Clarity ", it will be hard to put down!


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