9th Annual QAI & QAAM Conference

Joseph Mayo has been selected to speak at the 9th Annual QAI & QAAM Regional Conference!

The 9th Annual QAI & QAAM Regional Conference is an annual conference focused on quality assurance, project management, and risk management. 

The conference is jointly hosted by the Qality Assurance Institutue Global and the Quality Assurance Association of Maryland.  This year's conference will be at the Maritime Institute in Baltimore, MD; the Maritime Institute is located conveniently near the Baltimore / Washington International Airport.

Mr. Mayo's presentation this year presents techniques for effective risk management and project management dashboards

The theme for this year’s conference is “Managing and Testing Projects Effectively in a Cost Constrained Economy”. Key focuses for the conference are program management, testing and project oversight throughout the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). As we all know cost, schedule and quality are key drivers for any project, but assuring we built the right product is paramount to a successful project.  In today’s cost constrained economy, everyone is concerned about cost, schedule and quality of projects making us having to do more with less. 

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