Conference Presentations


  • ISACA Ireland 2015

    ISACA Ireland 2015 conference was excellent. There were over 300 attendees from 10 countries. My presentation Is Protecting the Balance Sheet Enough?" was well attended and concluded with an excellent Q&A session. My session explored three recent high-profile Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) failures and the role organizational culture played. The session also showed how an organization could leverage characteristics of High Reliability Organizations (HRO) to combat ERM failures.

  • RIMS 2015 Conference Presentation

    Here is my RIMS 2015 presentation about the role of risk policy in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).  Effective enterprise risk management (ERM) requires a policy that clearly establishes your organization’s risk tolerance. Organizational risk tolerance drives all aspects of ERM including risk governance, treatment strategies, prioritization, reserve budgets and risk management processes. This presentation explores specific tools and techniques that can be used to objectively quantify risk tolerance which, in turn, drives further elaboration of organizational risk policy.