Conference Presentations


  • Awesome GRC Conference!

    I just finished the 2017 Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) conference in Dallas, TX. The conference was co-sponsored by ISACA and IIA.  Excellent keynote speakers this year and I heartily recommend this conference for anyone seeking to learn how to solve governance, risk, and compliance challenges in your organization.

    My presentation is titled 'How Risk Culture Affects Compliance and Internal Controls' and focuses on how organizational culture can cloud decision maker's judgement.  Checkout my presentation and beware of Risk Hurricanes.

  • ISACA Ireland 2017 Annual Conference

    ISACA Ireland 2017 Conference logoAnother great year at the ISACA Ireland national conference in Dublin. Built on Basics, Running on Trust is an excellent theme for this year’s annual conference. All too often we forget about risk management fundamentals (Built on Basics) and trust that what we are doing is the right thing to do (Running on Trust). My session entitled Asset-oriented Risk Management explores a case study where placing blind faith in the enterprise risk management (ERM) process led to catastrophic results. We  explore an organization that had by all accounts a highly mature world-class ERM program. However, the organization had a minor flaw in their ERM process that nearly destroyed the organization. As risk practitioners, we must constantly challenge the status quo and ask ourselves;
    • Are we doing enough?
    • Are we doing the RIGHT things?
    • Just because we have always done it this way, is this the right thing to do?”
    • Are we running on trust (and being lucky) or are we really protected?