Conference Presentations


  • Artificial Intelligence's Impact on Risk Management

    I had an opportunity to chat with RIMS members about global opportunities and threats of in the risk management industry.

  • RIMS 2018 Annual Conference Presentation

    RIMS18 speakerWe are on the verge of a technological explosion driven by disruptive technologies—artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), deep learning, Big Data and technology robots. This rapid evolution of disruptive technology requires a fundamental change in the way you think about risk management. My session entitled Robots and Risk Management offers a roadmap to transition risk management from compliance-driven value preservation to value creation that enables organizations to seize the opportunities of disruptive technologies and emerging markets. This session enable risk practitioners to formulate risk management tactics and strategies that create value for your organization. Attendees will be able to design a risk management strategy to manage risk associated with disruptive technologies.

  • The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    2018 ISACA Ireland Logo

    Another fantastic conference by my ISACA Ireland colleagues!

    Disruptive technologies such as AI, IOT, and Bots are driving frenetic change in nearly all industries. Experts at IBM suggest that, by the end of this decade, disruptive technologies will cause the collective knowledge of humankind to double every 12 hours. This dramatic rate of change presents incredible opportunities (The Good) as well as unprecedented risk (The Bad). Unfortunately, current risk management practices are woefully inadequate for dealing with the unparalleled risk associated with the Post-Information Age (The Ugly). Checkout my session, Risk Management in the Post-Information Age

    This session will explore risk management practices from the 1500s to today and make a case for the rapid evolution of current risk management practices. The session will present bimodal risk management as the next generation of risk management practices. Bimodal risk management allows organizations to achieve compliance-driven value preservation while simultaneously using value creation to capitalize on the opportunities presented by disruptive technologies. During the session, we will explore examples of disruptive change in the financial sector, transportation sector, and others. We will offer specific strategies and tactics that enable organizations to prepare for the future and set the stage for transitioning to bimodal risk management.