Conference Presentations


  • Joseph Mayo Chosen to Speak as ISACA Lisbon Conference

    ISACA Lisbon 2020 Conference LogoI am honored to speak at the 5th annual IDC / ISACA in Lisbon Portugal.  This years event was a virtual event. This session examines critical governance failures and the ensuing impact on reputation. We will explore high profile examples including VW Dieselgate, Boeing 737MAX, & other events that destroyed or severely compromised organizational reputations. Checkout the session recording.

  • Joseph Mayo Selected to Speak at EuroCACS 2020!

    EuroCACS 2020 Conference Logo

    EuroCACS / CSX 2020 is the premier cybersecurity and risk management conference that brings together experts and practitioners from throughout Europe. Risk management practitioners from a wide range of industries, including finance, banking, tech services, government, insurance, medical and more will converge on Geneva Switzerland in October to dive deep into information security and discuss cybersecurity's impact across all fields of information systems and technology.

    Please join me for my session Can Your Reputation Survive 4IR?.The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) represents previously unimaginable ways in which disruptive technology becomes embedded in global supply chains, societies and the human body. As a result of this rapid and dramatic change, organizations are facing unprecedented threats and risk events that are having a profound impact on their ability to do business. Many organizations today are unprepared for the rapid rate of change, unprecedented risk scenarios and the required governance activities to survive in the 4IR.