Musings by the Tao Of Risk

Bi-modal Risk Management (BRM)


This is an update to my new writing project.  Bi-modal Risk Management (BRM) recognizes that we must preserve the value we have already created but at the same time seek to create new value.  My new book illustrates how risk practitioners can use new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, or the Internat of Things (IOT) to create value.  Check back here and follow me on Twitter (@TaoOfRisk) for updates over the coming months as I finalize the manuscript and publish the book.  

New Writing Project

The Future of Risk Management

I have started my next writing project that presents a risk management approach to help people and organizations cope with the massive technologic change we are facing today. Today we are on the verge of a technologic explosion fueled by artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), deep learning, Big Data,  technology robots, and other disruptive technologies.  These disruptivie technologies are rapidly and dramatically altering the world we live in; pushing the pace of technological evolution to warp speed. 

Jack Jones Writes Forward for Cultural Calamity

A BIG THANKS to Jack Jones for writing the forward for my new book Cultural Calamity: Culture Driven Risk Management Disasters and How to Avoid Them.  

One of the most important factors in successful risk management is organizational culture.  Unfortunately, few organizations take the risk management aspects of their culture seriously or even know how to address them when there are concerns.  There are a number of factors that drive this, including: