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Please join me and my colleague Jeff Verner at RIMS2018 for our session "Robots and Risk Management".  

Today we are on the verge of a technologic explosion driven by disruptive technologies such as technology robots, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), deep learning, and Big Data. These disruptive technologies are rapidly and dramatically altering the world we live in; pushing the pace of technological evolution to warp speed. The rate of change driven by disruptive technologies require that we fundamentally change the way we think about risk management. Disruptive technologies present countless opportunities for risk practitioners to create value instead of simply preserving value through organizational and regulatory compliance. 

This session will use case studies and personal experience to illustrate the differences between value preservation and value creation. The session will provide a roadmap to simultaneously execute compliance-driven value preservation and value creation that enables organizations to capitalize on the countless opportunities presented by disruptive technologies and emerging markets. Discussion topics include the knowledge doubling curve, offensive risk management, opportunity management, collective learning, and specific tactics and strategies risk practitioners can use to create value for their organizations. 

After attending this session, participants will…

  • Be able to formulate risk management tactics and strategies that create value for the Enterprise
  • Design a risk management strategy to manage risk associated with disruptive technologies
  • Leverage collective learning to improve their ability to manage new and emerging threats
Speaking at the RIMS 2018 Annual Conference! https://jwmc-llc.com/ Joe Mayo