Jera is known as the Rune of Success and is associated with the annual harvest. The harvest, like risk management, requires diligence, planning, and hard work. In ancient times a good harvest meant an easy winter with plenty of food whereas a bad harvest set the stage for a difficult winter including possible starvation. Similarly, effective risk management averts disaster and makes difficult market conditions easy to traverse whereas poorly executed risk management can lead to disaster. Characteristics of Jera include rewards for past efforts, fruition of plans, achievement of a goal, time to work with no time for complacency, and good spirits. The similarity between the Jera characteristics and my personal philosophy makes Jera an excellent foundation for the JWMC logo. The JWMC logo is based loosely on the Jera rune and represents much of what I stand; set a goal, build a plan, diligently drive the plan to completion, don’t be complacent, and do it with a smile.
About the JWMC Logo Super User