pmp badgeJWMC uses a comprehensive project and program management approach based on the PMBOK and four decades of organizational and industry lessons learned. We assign Project Management Institute (PMI) certified project managers to provide staff augmentation Program Managers, Project Managers, and Project Recovery Specialists for our customers. The main principal, Joseph Mayo, has more than 20 years of project management experience in many industry verticals including manufacturing, public sector, financial services, retail, medical research, and telecommunications.

We strive to combine our own unique organizational lessons learned with best practices and industry lessons learned embodied by the various standards bodies (e.g. CMMI, INCOSE, ISO, IEEE, ITIL, PMBOK, ANSI etc.).  The value of our approach is that global standards, lessons learned and best practices are distilled down to specific actions, deliverables, logs, checklists, etc. that can be effectively utilized by Project Managers and their associated team members.

Project Management

A good project schedule is the heart and soul of a successful project. JWMC's project management approach recognizes the importance and value of good project schedule.

JWMC uses a three tier hierarchy of work products to develop our project schedule which becomes the baseline for managing time, cost, and scope.  The hierarchy of work products consists of a product-based work breakdown structure (WBS), a WBS Dictionary, Process Definitions, and project schedule.  The hierarchical approach maximizes reuse and promotes project management efficiency while maintaining the appropriate level of detail for any experience level from entry level team members to highly experienced Subject Matter Experts (SME).  A single WBS element will map to a single WBS Dictionary entry that includes, at a minimum, the following data elements:

  • WBS ID
  • Control Code
  • WBS Name
  • Description
  • Deliverables
  • Work Package(s)
  • Basis of Estimate (BOE)
  • Activity List
  • Input(s)
  • Dependencies
  • Resoure Requirements

Each element in the Activity List has a corresponding process definition that details the required inputs, processes, and outputs for each activity.  The basic premise is that experienced team members will find sufficient detail in the project schedule to complete their work assignments; moderately experienced team members can map their work assignments from the project schedule to the WBS Dictionary if they need additional detail; and junior team members can map their work assignments from the project schedule to the WBS Dictionary, to the process definition for each individual activity.

A product oriented schedule focuses team member effort on completing deliverables and work products and not simply completing a series of steps that may or may not result in a tangible deliverable or work product.  

Schedule management and variance analysis are critical processes in our project management approach.  The figures below illustrates the integrated nature of our project management approach.  Contacts to learn more about our approach.

combined schedule mgmt

 Project Management Training

JWMC provides project management curriculum development and training on a wide variety of topics including: developing work breakdown structures (WBS), project estimating, developing manageable project schedules, and much more. 

Project Recovery

JWMC provides seasoned project / program managers to assist with and/or manage the entire project recovery process. Mr. Mayo has a proven track record of successfully executing a number of project recovery efforts. Results from project recovery efforts include:

  • Propelled earned value from 0% to 84% in 5 months through strong leadership and implementing organizational best practices.
  • Eliminated $150K budget deficit within 5 months by right-sizing PMO staff, realigning staff, and re-negotiating subcontracts.

Program Management

JWMC senior program managers collaborate with clients to establish program governance procedures, implement Project Management Offices (PMO), implement Program Management Office (PgMO), and manage complex PMO and PgMO activities. 

Program / Project Assessments

JWMC uses a three-phase assessment methodology  for comprehensive project / program assessments. JWMC's assessment methodology can also be tailored to assess individual areas within a project or program to help organizations identify under performing aspects of their overall project managment system. Assessment results become input to action plans designed to enhance project manager's individual capabilities and drive continuous improvement in project management processes.

JWMC also provides Project Management Plan (PMP) assessments that help source selection committees identify potential risk areas with bidders. JWMC's PMP assessment includes a comparison of all bidders, a risk score for evaluation purposes, and recommendations for mitigating the risk associated with project management plan deficiencies or gaps. JWMC's PMP assessment is fully compliant with the Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and can be extended to include process models such as CMMI, ISO 9001, SixSigma or proprietary customer process models.

Program and Project Management Joe Mayo